Our Approach: why, how and what?

Why did we develop the WorkAlign approach?

At URGEO, we believe that the best way to achieve personal success and transformational leadership is to forget a sustainable and prosperous environment. Our team developed this strategy to reate successful, productive organizations with strong leaders and empowered people.

WorkAlign helps leaders and the people within their organization be proactive in improving behaviour at work, at home and in the community.


So, how does it work?

WorkAlign has us working with you side by side on a daily basis to help you turn your organizational goals into reality. It’s about aligning people with processes to evolve your business to greater innovation, productivity and success.

WorkAling uses principles of organizational change management to:

  • develops effective leadership and management practices
  • creates a collaborative workplace culture that empowers employees
  • aligns people with processes and eliminates counter-productive work
  • fosters higher levels of organizational innovation and performance, and increases productivity

Here is what the process does.


The WorkAlign Process

WorkAlign is a customized performance improvement system that delivers measurable results by creating a shared purpose across your organization, from the CEO down to the frontline operator.

Phase 1. Discovery Phase
We have developed a process that determines your current level of performance. This process also identifies critical success factors and establishes a strong method for tracking results. Following this implementation we create a plan for change. We outline organizational visioning, goals and needs so we can assess leadership behaviour and productivity skills. By completing the discovery phase we are able to move to the Building Capabilities Phase.

Phase 2. Building Capabilities Phase
In the Building Capabilities Phase we create new behaviours and develop skills to fulfill your plan and achieve your goals. To meet organizational goals: we hypothesize, identify, practice, measure, validate and repeat. We follow this methodology to create systematization within the business. Once a system is in place, we work to create an environment of care and collaboration to lay the foundation of a strong workplace culture. In this phase we Build Capabilities in the following 10 areas:

  • Leadership
  • Change and appreciative inquiry
  • Productivity and quality
  • Behaviours
  • People and culture
  • Systemization enabling and sustaining systems
  • Risk and resilience
  • Communications
  • Partners and stakeholder engagement
  • Operations and service execution

Phase 3. Sustainability
The end goal of these three phases is to help create sustainability within the corporation. To achieve this we use a proactive approach that allows your organization to evolve and improve productivity and profit. We complete the Sustainability Phase by ensuring we keep your people and the environment safe while making a positive impact in the community.

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WorkAlign Operational leadership behaviours that make a diffirence

1. Create a compelling vision
Set a vision and strategy for the future and inspire others to follow. Motivate people to be pioneers and work to achieve the vision in spite of obstacles.

2. Embrace change
Adopt an open mind. Look at organizational change not as a threat to your current situation, but as an opportunity to learn and grow. Introduce different ways of thinking, do things differently and adopt a transformational mindset.

3. Model the way
Accept individual differences and find ways to build on them. Build trust through competency, openness and integrity. Always show respect for others. Celebrate hard work.

4. Lead more, manage less
Rely more on coaching, teaching and enabling than managing. Build strong relationships and empower others. Tell people not only what needs to be done, but why. Encourage personal leadership and innovation at all levels of the organization.

5. Communicate, share, discuss
Listen and be involved. Set high standards of performance and provide candid, constructive feedback. Recognize and celebrate successes frequently.

6. Make development a priority
Develop yourself and the people that you are responsible for to your full potential. Everyone owns the success and failure of your team. Inspire and embrace lifelong personal development.