Epic Fail: Failing to Plan and Prioritize

It has officially been 3 months since I started working at URGEO, and boy has there been a lot of learning going on. A huge thing that I’ve been focusing on along with the content I’m learning is the ability to prioritize and schedule myself better. Two weeks ago I hit a bump in the road and messed up a bunch of my work deadlines. All of this was because I was failing to plan my time out properly and did it ever bite me in the a**.

It’s almost funny the timing of this happening because I have recently talked so much about balance and priorities yet August for me was so disorganized and scrambled I’m not sure I even recognized who I was.

So I messed up a few deadlines, no big deal right? Wrong. I had to fix my mistake while still moving forward and not falling behind on current work, so how did I fix it? Well, it took a phone call from Martin telling me to get myself in check to figure out that I was actually letting things slip. I knew things had been falling behind but I wasn’t overly sure how much and what the result of this happening was going to be. I am so lucky to have Martin as my boss because not only did he help me fix it, we talked about how to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. My fix was a pretty simple one… Set attainable goals, make sure that more than one person knew what my intentions were and then put my head down and just work! I put my plan into action and began to complete my work. I started by prioritizing what work was most important and made my way down the list. So that’s how I fixed it but how did Martin know I really learned from my mistake?

Making sure I learned from my mistake was something that would take time, like most things this was something that had to be shown through my behaviours and not just my words. Learning my lesson was one thing but making sure that Martin knew my lesson was learned meant I had to work double hard to get the work done that I had fallen behind in but also keep up with my current work. This meant I had to really put my planning to the test to make sure I could actually achieve what I was setting out to do. Learning from my mistake is something that I will continually work on but figuring out how I am going to change the behaviours that caused the mistake in the first place is the biggest priority. Learning from my mistake is good, but changing it moving forward is more important.

There are certain behaviours that led me to making the error of failing to plan my work schedule better. At URGEO we categorize behaviours into two types: enabling behaviours and at risk behaviours. I was definitely showing at risk behaviours as they were hindering the path to success I was trying to take. Being able to recognize the difference between enabling and at risk behaviours is a huge step in the right direction to making sure that all behaviours are helping us reach our end goal, whatever they may be. The first step was to come up with a plan of action, then I needed to put the plan to action by writing things down and keeping a checklist of what I needed to do and when. This is the step I’m working on now… writing my plan and tracking my actions accordingly. It is something that has been working for me over the last couple weeks and even prior to my mess up. But things can only look up from here, right?

How do we change those at risk behaviours to behaviours that are enabling? Why is this something that’s important in daily life as well as work life? How do we ensure this isn’t just a temporary solution?