Do You Know The True Power of Morale?

A couple months ago, Martin was getting me into the business world here in Vancouver. He did this by introducing me to some wonderful women who have been very successful doing what they do as well as helping to mentor younger business people. All of these women asked me the same types of questions to try and get me out of my shell and comfortably talking about URGEO and what we do. In one of these meetings, I remember being asked “So what do you do?”… Common question to hear right?

This one single question ignited quite the conversation. It sparked something because that question can be taken a couple different ways. One part of the conversation really stuck with me because we talked about the difference of Eastern North American culture versus Western North American culture.

What in the world do I mean by that? On the East you are identified by the place you work and what you do, whereas here on the West Coast we are identified by our passions and the things we love to do regardless of whether it is career related or something we do in our spare time. I thought this was something interesting to share in this month’s blog post because I want to talk about workplace morale. These two things connect because if you look at a company with a great reputation, they have a solid, positive morale within the company and its’ employees.

How is it that we define the morale of a company? In my opinion, we look at the attitudes and behaviours of the people that spend their days with any given company. Jobs are stressful, some more than others but I’ve found the important thing to watch for when talking to someone about what they do is to see their face light up as they open up and talk about their career, family, and hobbies. We take pride in the things we love, even in our careers.

When we talk about morale, it is important to recognize all aspects; the good, the bad, and the ugly. If someone asks you “what do you do” and you light up and speak passionately about what you do, people are going to be interested just because of your behaviours associated with talking about that. Just like if you get asked the same question and the answer is a negative response, people notice that and connect the dots. The same goes for a company, how do companies work on keeping a good reputation? Do you think it can be worked on through focusing on the morale they have in and around the workplace? How do we change the reputation of a company by focusing on other things? Can we change the reputation and morale of a company by not directly focusing on it? Martin and I believe so.

At the end of the day, if you love your job and your workplace I would bet strongly that there is a strong company morale. If not, we can change it so you do feel that way. Many people and companies under estimate the power of morale and how it can affect a workplace and the people in it. So, the big question becomes, how do we fix that? You tell me.