The URGEO Team

Since our strategy is to work with you as partners, in a caring and collaborative style, we’re sure you’d like to know a little more about the individuals behind the name URGEO. We’re a diverse group, with various strengths and specialities, but one thing we all have in common is our urge to help you reach higher levels of success.

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Martin CEO

Meet Martin… the guy who can transform your organization into a collaborative, innovative and productive success story. Give him 15 minutes, and he will wow you with his authentic mix of intelligence, expertise and warmth. He has been supporting organizations worldwide for the past 20 years by helping them evolve and grow – inspiring their leaders, empowering their people and aligning them to their processes. From the CEO to the frontline operator, Martin will become your organization’s guide to achieving your version of success! He has a simple yet powerful philosophy: “Believe in the Power of One … Be the change you want to see in the world!” Of course, Gandhi said that last part first…

Tom Senior Advisor

Tom has worked with energy & industrial clients helping them plan, implement, optimize & leverage their software technologies as an integral part of their business. He takes a pragmatic approach to insure that solutions are fit for purpose and bring value long-term. He started his career in the safety & incident management industry, sat on CSA safety committees for industrial safety products and continues to drive the use of technology as part of his client’s business. He is an avid outdoors-man, mentors individuals and volunteers with organizations that are focused on improving our community.

Justina Advisor

Although young, Justina has a knack for finding something she wants and making sure she doesn’t stop until she gets it. As Urgeo’s “pitbull” she is determined to make sure that everyone is striving for success while working towards the same end goal. She has a strong competitive side that brings out her determination to get things done. She has the ability to see things through many different lenses making sure that all options are being considered before choosing an action. She is strong minded but do not be fooled, she is as kind hearted and passionate as she is devoted. She is inspired by creativity and innovation and motivated to solve problems and be efficient. She lives by the long living US Army quote “Fortune Favors the Bold”.


Antoine Advisor

Don’t be fooled by his stern “business” picture! He’s a nice guy but takes corporate agility and business resilience seriously… Antoine is the URGEO facilitator who will translate you vision into action. As a former Navy and Coast Guard officer, Antoine has the discipline and expertise to break your strategic plans down into operational objectives for greater success. Antoine is brilliant when it comes to business resilience! He provided viable and profitable solutions to different industries world wide by auditing emergency services, developing business continuity plans and facilitating the implementation of new resilience programs. His motto is, “Hope for the best and plan for the worst.” Making sure that your leaders are ready for anything is his forte – he will get your team ready to adapt, overcome and improve!


Tracy Director, Business Services

Tracy is the person behind-the-scenes. Kind and passionate about holistic living, she’s always making sure that team members have work/life integration. Don’t be fooled by her pleasant demeanour – when time comes, she’s fierce and will always challenge status quo! Tracy constantly strives for process improvement and smooth business operations for URGEO, its partners and clients. She has built a reputation for maintaining confidentiality in all circumstances. A creative and critical thinker, Tracy applies sound judgment and strategic decision-making to help organizations adapt, grow and bring about positive change. She is a firm believer that, “Life is not about finding yourself, but creating yourself.”

Laurel Financial Officer

A pessimist sees the glass half empty. An optimist sees the glass half full. The accountant sees the glass in balance! Laurel is the person who makes sure the financial well being of the company is in balance. With a true passion for her work, Laurel brings a strong sense of organization and precision to help keep the URGEO wheel spinning. She has been working in finance for over 8 years and takes pride in providing a clear financial snap shot of the business. It has been said that behind every great business is a great accountant, but Laurel believes that behind every great business is a hard-working team who come together collectively to create something great!