WorkAlign (field coaching)

I had the pleasure to have Martin as my facilitator and enjoyed every minute of it! He was a breath of fresh air and I found the field coaching to be the best I have ever had. Called “hot washing”, he gave me precise, excellent feedback immediately regarding job briefings. My biggest take away is that as the leader I only need to have a couple of mission critical items to deliver as my message gets diluted when I ramble about a lot of other things. Martin taught my staff and I how to position ourselves for effectiveness. He also drove home the point that I need to put myself in the employees shoes that I am talking to.

- RB

District Superintendent, BNSF Railways

Making of a Champion & NextGen youth leadership

Martin is a very professional and knowledgeable coach and leader in his work. He was very insightful and able to help me work on major points of my personality at work and also at home. I really appreciate Martin’s approach of listening and advising.

- Romain

Drilling Engineer Intern, Total

Transformational leadership is really the key

“I can testify that working with the URGEO team combined a rare mix of technical experience, astute leadership and a warm candour. They approach enterprise agility and business resilience with excellence, and always strives to outdo their own previous achievements. I was fortunate to have undergone some mentioning and coaching with both Antoine and Martin. URGEO teaches that leadership can always be taught and learned.”

- Lanre Ajayi, M.B.Ch.B, MFOM

WorkAlign (field coaching)

I would like to start with Martin’s professionalism and his ability to engage Railroaders, he had a way of pulling from his personal experiences and using analogies that kept our attention. To start with he asked what I would like to gain this week and mine was to “be a better listener”, but I also asked for his assistance with the three other FLS’s – Front Line Supervisors. What I received from Martin was continuous feedback that allowed me to adjust as I went, which meant I could use what I learned in the next conversation (very effective to learn as you go). At the same he showed me how to develop the Leaders during our Operations Testing providing us with feedback or a debriefing after every work group we encountered, and after each encounter I did see a noticeable difference. To sum up, this was a very positive experience, I think what set it apart was Martin’s ability to coach as you go.

- Jeremy

Manager, Road Way Planning, BSNF Railways