Our Company

Enterprise agility and business resilience are becoming organizational mandates for successful growth today.

URGEO provides quality, safety and change management advisoy services. We aide organizations build and maintain harmonious capabilities in both prevention and mitigation.

We take pride in assisting business leaders and the people within their organization solidify their leadership, build a culture of care and collaboration, and improve processes. Helping make exceptional leaps toward measurable change, affecting results and subsequently… success.

What Makes URGEO Different

What makes URGEO different is our ability to humanize work. Understand and relate to individuals from the CEO to the frontline operator.

We constantly advocate the importance of quality relationships through care and empowerment. These qualities directly correlate to one’s ability to succeed professionally and prosper personally.

Our commitment to working in partnership with you side by side on a daily basis to help you knock down those cognitive biases, embrace change and turn your organizational goals into reality.

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Vision Mission Statement

With great care and in a co-creative process, URGEO uses a qualitative approach to assist organizations and the people within them to solidify their leadership; forge a culture of care and collaboration; and reach higher levels of sustainable success. This legacy work positively transforms individuals and their community; and creates a prosperous business that reverberates through the local economy.